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Air Blowers

Eyelash Air Blowers are innovative, relatively new products - they’re simple but effective. 

This accessory helps to speed up the drying of the lash glue, blow away any excess dirt or makeup debris and disperse the adhesive fumes from further irritating the eyelashes of the clientele.

An essential for all lash technicians; air blowers help to speed up glue drying. When the glue dries quicker, the entire eyelash extension application process is ultimately sped up. This product is beneficial to all adhesives and lashes types (Russian mink lashes or classic lashes for example).  

Air blowers are an ideal tool to have handy when applying lashes to clients suffering from sensitive eye areas or skin; using air dispersers eradicates unwanted eyelash adhesive vapors of which can severely irritate the eyes and surrounding skin when there is a high concentration. 

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