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Cleansers & Primers

Face cleansers are fundamental products in any skincare routine, and it is widely believed that one cleanser just isn’t enough anymore. Cleansing helps to remove impurities such as excess oil, sweat, makeup, and dead skin cells from your skin. Revitalizing your skin enables your complexion to breathe and creates a smooth, clean surface for other further rejuvenating products (such as moisturizer or toner) to be applied. Each individual’s skin is complex and unique, therefore, through ever-changing weather and inevitable aging we believe more than one type of cleanser is essential. Hydrating gels or soothing milky creams will help dry and tight skin. If you are suffering from rough or oily skin, a gel or foaming cleanser infused with enzymes will be best suited for you. 

As every good artist knows, canvases require careful attention and treatment before being painted with oils - products to protect the fabric from cracking and provide a beautiful even surface ready for colour. Masterpieces that haven’t been through this preparation process inevitably do not last as long. This theory is identical to the makeup masterpieces pioneered today. Makeup primer should be applied between moisturizing and applying foundation. Using a skin primer (or specific face primer/eye primer) will hydrate and mattify your skin, even out complexions and diminish the visibility of large pores. No matter your skin type, the scenarios in which you put your skin through, the best primer for you will be amongst our incredible collection. 

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