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Strip Mink Magnetic Eyelashes

Strip Mink Magnetic eyelashes are a revolutionary beauty product. The mink hairs are naturally very fine and soft, giving you a much more natural look. As the hair strands are extremely fine and tapered, they hold gorgeous curls which appear indistinguishable from your real lash hair once applied. Using magnetic eyeliner, they are easy to apply by yourself from the comfort of your home; therefore they entail no professional expenses or salon upkeep. They are a perfect, less invasive remedy for thin natural lashes or eyes with less hair, which require some filling out. 

These lashes are much less time consuming and are inexpensive compared to other eyelash extensions or treatments from a lash technician. Magnetic eyelash extensions can be easily applied, easily removed, and are reusable.

It is likely that you are here searching for a golden alternative to one harsh reality; you cant apply regular strip lashes with glue! Or you simply do not have the time to keep sticking and resticking… These falsies are a much-favoured alternative when it comes to rescuing your eye makeup from streaming. Too much glue or a strong-smelling adhesive is the fear of anybody suffering from eye sensitivity, a delicate lash line, or surrounding skin. As these lashes are magnetic there is no suffering from the fumes of harsh adhesives.

Minimal tools are required to assist in the application of magnetic lashes, however, tweezers can be used to aid in the precision of application. 

Strip Mink Magnetic Eyelashes
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Strip Mink Magnetic Eyel...