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Eye Gel Pads

Under-eye gel pads are infused with distinct doses of hydrating ingredients - designed to deliver vital vitamins and nutrients directly into the epidermis area for instant and high impact results. Common discontent concerning the eye area comes from the appearance of dark circles, dehydration, fatigue, puffiness, and wrinkles - under eye patches are perfectly constructed to combat each concern and we will have the right one for you!

Masks infused with ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid work best to treat dark circles beneath the eyes. This extremely common discomfort is nothing sinister, it is simply the combination of having both dark veins and dehydrated or thin skin surrounding the eye. Using these specific masks will help to infuse the area with the necessary hydrating additive, ultimately plumping the skin with moisture and diminishing the appearance of harsh, dark veins.

Hydra-Gel collegen eye pads contain caffeine and hyaluronic acid of which reveal a visibly refreshed appearance by significantly reducing the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and crows feet. Caffeine additionally improves circulation beneath the eyes; banishing puffiness and brightening the skin. 

Under eye pads also firm the contours of your eyes, re-hydrate the area and present a youthful radiance - making them amongst some of the most desirable at-home cosmetic products available!

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Eye Gel Pads