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Kleje do rzęs

Extraordinary things can be achieved with the help of false eyelashes. Choosing the right eyelashes for your eyes is a difficult enough task in itself but unfortunately, it comes with a necessary evil in order for your lashes to stay fixated all day; eyelash glue. Ideal candidates for this undesirable, and sometimes extremely difficult task, would be quick-drying and colourless formulas of which are long-lasting to ensure your eyelash extensions stay in place. 

Lash adhesive can be a delicate subject for those suffering from fragile lash lines or sensitive eyes, but bad lash glue isn’t good for anybody and can come with painful consequences. An adhesive that drys out clumpy will inevitably irritate your eyes and remove your natural hairs upon being taken off. Occurring damage to your natural lashes can make your hairs brittle, weak, and cause chronic irritation (due to the chemicals within the formula). Using poor products will compromise your eye makeup.

Being equipped with the correct tweezers can make the entire application process a whole lot easier. Alternatives to using strips or individual lashes with adhesive are magnetic lashes.

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