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Rzęsy Russian Volume 3D / 4D / 5D / 6D Pre Fan (12 rzędów)

Individual eyelash extensions are adored for their diversity. These are very fine, synthetic fibers of which come in an array of sizes -  3D/4D/5D/6D. Individual fan lashes are easy to apply by yourself from the comfort of your home; therefore they entail no professional expenses or salon upkeep. They are a perfect, less invasive remedy for thin natural lashes or eyes with less hair, which require some filling out. 

As they are applied one by one, you are able to build them up to your desired volume or keep a more minimal style. If you feel your lashes require more volume, a water-based mascara can be used. These lashes are inexpensive compared to other eyelash extensions or treatments from a lash technician. Individual fan eyelash extensions can be easily removed, and are reusable. 

It is more than likely that less individual lash pieces will be used in comparison to heavy strip lashes or a full set of extensions; ultimately requiring less adhesive glue. These false lashes are a much-favoured alternative when it comes to rescuing your eye makeup from streaming. Too much glue or a strong-smelling adhesive is the fear of anybody suffering from eye sensitivity, a delicate lash line, or surrounding skin. As they are removed when the day or night has come to a close, there is less strain on the eyes. 

Multiple products are available to assist in the self-application of these false eyelashes; tweezers encourage precision and air blowers aid in the drying of adhesive glue. 

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